Malsten was formed in Malmö, Sweden in the autumn of 2018.

The ambition of Malsten is to create conceptually driven slow & heavy doom music. 

Malsten released a first track‘Torsion’  in May 2019. The track is one epic grinding fuzzchugger, that was well received by the international doom community and sparked notable interest due to its originality and vision. 

'Torsion' introduced the story-line of Malsten’s debut album, entitled:

‘The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill

 The story is one of malice, hunger, fury and sadness. Centering on the deeds of a murderous miller haunting a small village in rural southern Sweden at the dawn of the 20th Century, The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill is a truly misanthropic experience. A doom horror story. The album is filled with heavy fuzzed-out doom-riffs, melancholic narrating vocals and a relentless slow-grinding rhythm section.

'The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill' was released through underground label Interstellar Smoke Records in July 2020.

Currently, Malsten is busy fine-tuning the grinding doom-machine for live performances of The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill.  

Malsten is:
Manne Högström - vocals and keys
Fredrik Grehn - guitar
Andreas Svensson - bass and synths
Stefan Winroth - drums

Malsten exclusively uses

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Debut album 'The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill' available from:
Interstellar Smoke Records

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